Why Your CV is Preventing You From Getting Job Offers

Written by Emmanuel Afolabi

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a written document that gives an overview of a person’s data, education, experience, skills, and other qualifications for a job opportunity. A whole lot has been written about CV, but many job seekers are yet to understand the crux of it.

A few weeks ago, an Instagram handle with the name @joroolumofin gave some of his followers an opportunity to send their CVs for him to post to thousands of his followers, so many job seekers sent their CVs and they were posted. Unfortunately, too many of the CVs that were posted are disorganised and filled with different kinds of errors; in fact, I doubt that twenty percent (20%) of those people will get called up by prospective employers.

Most of those CVs are below standard, poorly written, not well arranged, and some with poorly constructed English. This is not good for a job seeker; the CV is the first thing that a prospective employer sees and it says a lot about the applicant’s ability to pay attention to details and project a good image of the company, so employers will not hire people who appear shabby/disorganized.This incident has further explained why a lot of CVs end up in the trash cans of the employers. I always tell people that it is better to spend between N5000 and N15000 to get their CVs reviewed/edited and secure a job once, than to keep sending out substandard CVs without getting any result.

It is important for every job seeker to appear as a professional with their CVs because it creates employers’ first impression about them. It is therefore necessary for applicants to do it well if they must do it at all.

The great news is that Dashing Words is here to help as many job seekers that are willing to get it right with their CVs once and for all. We can help you edit/review your CVs to make it a standard one, and also give you a top-notch Cover Letter alongside the CV just for a token.

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