We offer trainings in the following aspects of Corporate Communications:

Introduction to Corporate Writing

In this course, we introduce participants to the basics of corporate writing.

Corporate Writing and Brand Storytelling

Here, participants are exposed to the relationship between corporate writing and brand storytelling and how to juxtapose both for business success.

Writing Effective Emails, Letters, Memorandum

Emails, letters and memorandum are essential forms of communications within and outside organisations, we teach participants how to compose them as well as rules guiding them.

Writing for Public Relations (Newsletters, Press Release, Web Content)

The success of every organisation, most times, depends on how they relate with the public, we teach participants how to create exceptional contents that enhance their company image.

Writing for Social Media

Social media is becoming more important and powerful tool for business and individual communications, we teach participants how to craft messages that appeal to their audience and call them to action.

How to Write a Corporate Speech

We teach participants what to write, and how to compose and structure their speech. We also give tips for presentation to ensure great delivery.

How to Write a Company Profile

We take participants through the steps in company profiling, and teach them how to sell their companies through captivating words.

How to Write a Winning Business Proposal

Here, we teach participants how to present their ideas, projects, and opportunities to other businesses through writing, with the recipients’ needs in mind, and a win-win strategy for all involved parties.

Annual Reports

We teach participants how to report the activities of their companies, such that all stakeholders are satisfied and more shareholders are ready to come on board.

How to Write an Excellent Business Plan

Attracting investors/partners for a start-up business requires proper business planning, we teach entrepreneurs and business owners how to achieve this to become the toast of every investor. We take them through an in-depth process of developing an excellent plan.

How to Edit and Proofread

There are ways to edit and proofread documents to make them error-free, we teach participants this process to make their works exceptional.


We teach individuals how to compose and structure their CVs to appear presentable and professional to potential employers.

We adopt a practical approach for all our trainings.

Our trainings are for Professionals, Corporate Communications/Public Affairs Executives, Employees of Public and Private Organisations, Business Owners/Entrepreneurs, and Individuals who are interested in Corporate Writing.