Writing & Editing

Business Plan Writing

With the interest of potential investors in mind, we help start-up companies craft effective Business Plans that not only guide their business activities, but also make investors fall in love with them.

Speech Writing

We compose Opening Speech/Welcome Address, Acceptance Speech, Inaugural Speech, and Business Speech among other kinds of speeches, for all kinds of occasions.

Business/Company Profile Writing

A CV/Resume is to an individual what Company Profile is to an organisation, we help organisations to project themselves the best possible way to those who may be interested in them, through our dashing words.

Business Proposal Writing

Organisations need to sell their ideas to/partner with other companies, we help them achieve this by using the most effective approach to communicate the ideas.

Web Content

We create fantastic marketing contents for blogs, emails, websites, social media, and other online platforms.

Annual Reports

We help organisations, especially the publicly quoted ones, to put their activities in the financial year into a single document for their shareholders and other stakeholders.

Copy Writing

We write marketing copies for emails, newsletters, brochures and other publications.

Essay/Article Writing

We write winning articles and essays for individuals.

CV and Letter Writing

We help individuals to package their CVs and Cover Letters, and we also compose other types of letters.

Journalistic/Press Release

Public Relations is an essential component of every organisation’s success, we help to write Press Releases that promote/improves corporate images.

Editing and Proof Reading services

Erorrs of any kind is bad for the corporate image. (Did you notice the ‘Erorrs’?) We help you avoid it; we edit and proofread both written and visual documents to ensure that they are free of errors.

Transcription among others

Some files come in audio/video, but are needed in written form, we can help you with it.