What We Do


Like a chef putting condiments together to make delicious meals, we put words together to create exceptional contents for you.

We help you communicate clearly and succinctly, using the right grammar that builds credibility and reputation for you and makes you appear as professional and responsible.

We understand the importance of articulating every point to get the best results, and we keep that in mind while writing.

We consider all the semantic (meaning) features of every word and sentence to avoid ambiguity and misinterpretation of message, and that is why they call us the word experts.

At Dashing Words, we understand the need to protect your interest by keeping all documents confidential, and that is what we do.

We pay attention to details, and we choose words that fit.

We are exceptional.


Many organisations/agencies have challenges in projecting their mission, vision, goals, ideas, achievements and successes to their clients, customers, shareholders, stakeholders and even the general public, this is not because they do not know what to say, but because they do not know how to say what they want to say to achieve the purpose of the communication.

We train members of staff of corporate organisations, government ministries and agencies on how to create/compose contents for their corporate communications.

We also train interested individuals on various aspects of corporate communications and how to compose their individual documents.

We are always open for business.