Our Clients

AIA Group of Companies
Hanny and David Consulting Ltd.
Royal Seams Fashion House
Aaron Ola Adeyeye & Sons Ltd.
Hadi’a Cosmetics
Simi’s Skincare and Hairline

…many others.

“It’s actually very nice, very straight to the point and I like it. You’ve done a very wonderful job, it’s very clear. Good job.”
Halimah Balogun
Founder, Hadi’a Cosmetics

“I wasn’t initially comfortable sharing our Corporate ideas with an external body to write about, but I got an assurance of professionalism from Dashing Words and we decided to try. Now they’ve delivered and it’s a wonderful job, the points are well articulated and I think we just got another major corporate partner. The proposal is really exceptional, I like the fact that they delivered before the agreed date too, very timely.”
James Fola Oluyokun
Partner, Genie Consults

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